Gesetze, die das Tragen von Waffen verbieten…

„Gesetze, die das Tragen von Waffen verbieten, entwaffnen nur diejenigen, die weder geneigt noch bestimmt sind, Verbrechen zu begehen. Solche Gesetze machen die Dinge schlechter für die Angegriffenen und leichter für die Angreifer; sie dienen eher zur Ermutigung denn zur Abschreckung vom Mord, denn einen unbewaffneten Mann kann man mit grösserer Zuversicht angreifen als einen bewaffneten Mann.“

Thomas Jefferson

Gefunden im: FM (Feld Manual) 90-10 (79)


The control of refugee movements in combat operations is a Military Police responsibility. Measures for controlling civilian refugees are contained in TC 19-7, Straggler and Refugee Control. The most important principle in refugee control is reliance on the host government forces (military/civilian) wherever possible. Frequently, US forces will be totally committed to fighting and therefore unable to provide such support or will have limited refugee control capabilities.

If the host government is incapable of performing this mission, US forces (combat/combat service support) may be required to conduct any or all of the following refugee control measures (TC 19-7):

* Enforcing standfast orders or prohibiting other unauthorized movements.

* Searching and taking custody of enemy agents or other hostile personnel discovered among refugees.

* Screening refugees for suspicious activities, such as detection of infiltration by guerrillas, enemy agents, and escaping members of the hostile armed forces.

* Performing traffic control on designated refugee routes.

* Escorting refugee columns when so directed.

* Directing or diverting refugee columns tosecondary roads and through areas not utilized by military elements.

* Performing police duties, such as traffic control or security, at refugee assembly areas, collecting points, and centers or camps, when directed.

* Enforcing prescribed restrictive measures, such as curfews, identification and pass systems, restricted areas, restraining lines, no-passage lines, checkpoints and roadblocks, travel permits or manifests, licensing or registration of vehicles or prohibitions on the use of vehicles, priorities of movement, and limits on personal belongings.